Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Review: Benefit Porefessional

Pores. Some people are lucky enough to avoid these... some of us not so lucky. People often compliment me on my 'clear complexion' but if only they knew! Ok, I may not get spots but boy are these bloody pores of mine a nuisance! I put up with them for years, trying to get my skin to look even and perfect with makeup on, but I found the more I put on the more visible the pores became. So I was stuck in a rut and it was fair to say these little blighters were quite frankly bugging the life out of me. I found the main problem areas were around my nose and strangely enough under my eyes (where I apply more makeup anyway because of my horrid dark circles!) and I just needed something to help. Then this beauty came into my life, and we have lived happily ever after since. 

Benefit Porefessional, £23.50, Debenhams

This is by far the best product I have ever tried for my pores, and at just £23.50 I reckon this is a real bargain. You only need a small amount so it will last you a good while and I can gurantee you will be amazed by the end results of this product. It completely fills in open pores giving a flawless matte finish to your skin so it's great for all you oily skinned girls out there! Even though Porefessional is a primer, it can also be used on top of foundation/powder ect so I find it superb for popping in my bag if I know I have a long day ahead, just to touch up any oiliness/ worn off makeup. The consistancy is rather like a skin coloured balm which I personally find more appealing than the gel base primers for the main reason I find those to be more oily on the skin. I really can not rave about this product enough, and if you're having trouble with pores you need to give Benefit's Porefessional a try. It may just change your life!

Lots of Love