Sunday, 10 August 2014

New Beginnings

So this is most certainly an overdue return to the blogging world, after having a year off to, well... basically live my life! I have just graduated from University with a degree in English and Creative Writing (something I'm planning to write a blog post on), so this last year has all been a bit of a mad dash to get my degree together! What with a twelve thousand word dissertation to write, God knows how many essays to produce and a set of exams to round things off nicely, it's fair to say my little blog took the back seat in life.
However, I feel this break can only have positive effects on my blog. Looking back and seeing some of the most cringey posts from when I was younger, I just had to get rid! I've kept a few of the not so cringe worthy posts, but I'd like to think I've upped my game with things now. I've also decided that I want to take my blog into a new direction. Yes, I love blogging about the beauty world, but I don't want to be restricted with what I can write on here. So I've decided as well as the beauty posts, I will also be posting general lifestyle blog posts, about things that I know I'd like to read, whether this be about a day out I've been on, or more thought provoking blog posts about certain topics or ideas. Along with this, I'm also considering (I use that word lightly) starting up a Youtube channel, doing things like vlogs and beauty videos ect. Let me know what you all think in the comments below! It's something I've loved the thought of for years, but I've just never had the balls to actually put myself out there for the world and his wife to judge! Maybe one of these days I'll pluck the courage up to film something!
So here I am... back in action with a newly found love for blogging once again! Thank you for sticking with me, and if you're new... then hello there!

Lots of love