Friday, 20 July 2012

My very simple skin care routine!

I'm very lucky in the fact that my skin is generally quite good. I rarely break out, the skin isn't too sensitive (unlike the rest of my body!) and I don't have that many blemishes. I could take all the credit in the world for this and say I've worked so hard to get good skin, but what's the point of lying... I've generally just been very lucky!! Now that I'm getting older, I do feel it necessary however to have a basic regime that I follow to make sure my skin stays in tip top condition and so here's just a few bits and bobs that I'm currently using.

I would like to say that none of these products are cult products that I would re-purchase again and again. I rarely stick to the same skincare, because when I run out of something I prefer to try something new to get the best out of the market :)! So here we go...

I have two different cleansers, one for the morning and one for the evening. On a morning I use Clean and Clear, morning energy, skin brightening daily facial wash which can be purchased from Boots for £3.99. I have quite dry skin, but for you girls who get oily this is an oil free facial wash. It has little beads in for exfoliating, however these seem to just stay at the bottom and you don't get the full use of them. The smell is very refreshing and quite citrusy so I suppose that's where it gets its name from, however I don't think my skin looked particularly more bright. The strong scent may also put you off if you have quite sensitive skin, because however lovely it smells it is rather strong. I do look for a cleanser which foams up well and this certainly does, and it also has quite a silky feel to it which is lovely on the face. All in all I don't think I will be re-purchasing this again, simply for the reason that there are just so many different cleansers out there ready to be tested!

On an evening I use the Clinique, Rinse off foaming cleanser mousse, hydro-demaquillante. I'm not sure if this is still available in the UK as I couldn't seem to find it online, however for all you lucky Europeans, Sephora in France sells this product for 23,50€. Again, this cleanser foams like an absolute dream and leaves your face feeling pampered and fresh. The scent isn't very strong at all, and I see this product as being very gentle on the skin. It is quite moisturising, however if you're someone with extremely dry skin this may not give you all the moisture that you need. Overall I really enjoy using this cleanser and if you're looking for a mild and gentle wash to cleanse your face with, I think this does the job lovely.

I do enjoy using a toner in my skincare regime. I feel like it just totally refreshes your face in between cleansing and moisturising, and it's great for getting any extra makeup that may be left on after you've cleansed. At the moment I'm using Garnier, Simply Essentials Soothing vitamin-enriched toner which you can buy from Tesco for around £3. This toner has no perfume, no alcohol and no colourants so is very kind to your skin and claims to be suitable for even sensitive skin. This product really soothes my skin and although it has no perfume it actually smells subtly very nice! It smells very natural and you can kind of feel it tingling on your skin after you've applied it which feels really nice. I think this is a great toner for the price and definitely worth a try!

I haven't been using this moisturiser for very long so this is kind of more of a first impressions on the Nivea, pure & natural soothing day cream for dry to senstive skin.  I would have to say for me, this is the most important step in my skincare routine, because I do get very dry skin especially around my nose area and forehead. Now out of all this things I have talked about to day, there is no doubt about it that this is the nicest smelling product out of them all. Jees I just can't stop smelling it! It has Aragin Oil and Chamomile in and the mix of the two just produces the most healthy scent ever. It's not sweet, but smells very natural and as though it would infact do your skin good! It has no parabens, no silicones, no colourants and no mineral oils, so this product is really working for the good of your skin! There was also the same moisturiser but for normal skin so if you don't need as much hydration that would perhaps be a good choice. For me however, I just wack a load of it on in the attempt not to be dry! Infact sometimes I think to myself, Jees Jordan, you know you're gonna have to calm it a bit on the moisturiser front, you're gonna make your skin oily you put that much on! But I just love it! So first impressions are extremely good for this product and I think I'm definitely going to have to try the night cream from the same range.

Eye Cream
At the moment I'm using up a sample of the Clinique, all about eyes eye serum which can be bought from House of Fraser for £24. This is very thick in consistancy, almost sticky as you're putting it around the eyes. But it certainly keeps your eyes hydrated for a long time after applying it! It claims to reduce the look of puffiness and circles, and whether it actually does this I am not yet convinced. It may soothe the puffiness, but whether it reduces dark circles? I don't think so. Personally I think the only cure for dark circles is more sleep, but if it makes you feel better putting this around your eyes then why not! I think the price is a little steep for the job it does. You can certainly get cheaper products which do just as good-a-job.


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  2. I love all of these brands but you just can't beat a bit of Nivea :)

    Tanesha x

  3. Thanks guys! I know, you just can't beat a cheap and cheerful product as good as Nivea!! :)

  4. Nivea is such a great priced and sometimes overlooked! love your blog! Followed straight away! :) xxx

  5. Thanks so much hun! Checking yours out now :)! xxx