Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Hair Disaster

We've all been there... sat in the hairdresser chair after having your hair, quite frankly, butchered being asked the dreaded question 'is that OK for you?'. In your head you're screaming NO! IT BLOODY WELL ISN'T WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY HAIR?! But a polite 'yes, that's lovely thankyou' seems to squirm out of your mouth. After coming out of the hairdressers and moaning and moaning, people say 'well why didn't you say something' and the answer is because we are all too polite to say we don't like what the hairdresser has spent the last hour and a half doing! This ladies, is the story of my night last night.

I'm a natural blonde but of course that was ruined when I decided that I wanted to go every hair colour possible. But now I'm going back to my roots and sticking with blonde as I feel that compliments my skin tone best. For years I've had highlights put in and in all honesty, however much people say bleach ruins your hair, mine took to it quite well. I noticed last time I had my done it wasn't as blonde as I'd quite like it, so this time I asked if she could pop a little bit more in to brighten it up. Well, quite the opposite happened. My hairdresser probably put less in than she usually does, and I'm sitting there thinking, have I done something to offend her?! All i asked for is a few more blonde bits! So We started off on a bad road. Next, I asked her just for a trim (seeing as though she was determined last time to chop half my bloody hair off) and just a few longer layers putting in. I also wanted my hair thinning out a lot because it is just so thick i can't cope! After styling my hair, she said 'there you go Jordan' and I thought she meant the styling so i went to the mirror and said it was nice, and I sat back down in the chair. After a bewildered look, my hairdresser explained to me that she had finished with my hair, baring in mind I hadn't even realised she had cut my hair... Now at the time I was more bemused by the fact that my hair wasn't as blonde as it could be, and underneath it was infact still quite dark, but as I said, something inside of you just will not let you speak your mind! Then after my hairdresser had left (and after close inspection to the monstrosity of my hair) I realised that there was infact no layers in my hair, and it was still just as thick as it was before. She had made no attempt at thinning out my hair, our putting layers into it. I also noticed this time that my hair feels extremely brittle and dry and is in awful condition! It's going to take some special TLC to get my hair back on track to getting me some luscious locks! :(

Even though on the pictures my hair may look quite blonde, the light from the window was definitely doing my hair some justice. Underneath it is quite dark and even on top you can see the darker bits coming through. Why oh why has this happened?! It's fair to say I'm feeling very delicate right now, and even though yes, it is only hair, I like to think of it as my crowning glory and the fact that it is nothing at all how I wanted it just pains me a little more every time I look in the mirror. (Drama queen... cough, cough).

Have you had any hair disasters? Let me know below!!
Lots of Love


  1. I tagged you for the Liebster Blog Award! And I have had too many Hair Distasters! Let's just say, a round face and a bob did not give me most confidence! xo


  2. aw thankyou hun :)! hahahaha oh god I once was so close to doing that! Glad I made the right decision