Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Olympic Mourning :(! (/spice girls rave)

I'll be the first to admit I wasn't the most excited about the olympics coming to London this year. In fact I had some pretty strong feelings against it, but oh man what was I thinking?! I LOVED IT. I didn't even realise how much I loved it until sadly, it's finished and I find myself twiddling my thumbs on what to do with my days off now :(! I wasn't too impressed with the opening ceremony I won't lie and I did think little old queeny could possibly have showed a bit more enthusiasm, however the closing ceremony was simply AMAZING. oh my goodness I just loved it, from the way the centre was set out in the shape o a union jack to yes, i said it... THE SPICE GIRLS. It is actually quite ridiculous how excited I am just even writing this post and it could quickly turn into a spice girls tribute post, but I'll try and steer away from that. Being a 90's kid, spice girls was my era. I aspired to be them and when I heard they were doing a reunion at the closing ceremony I could not contain my excitement. I thought it was such good spirits of them all to particiapte, especially posh spice who we all know is a little bit stuck up her own behind these days. I won't go on about them anymore, but man did I rekindle my all time love for them. EVERYBODY OF THE WORLD, SPICE UP YA LIFE!

I also have so much respect for Gary Barlow who performed at the end. Rumors were surfacing that they had cancelled which was totally understandable regarding his families situation, but I thought for him to go on stage and perform in the way he did was extremely brave and emotional. I think the whole nation had a lot of respect for that man at the closing ceremony.

I really think Britain have done us proud with the olympics and Rio definitely have something to go up against in four years time. Quite a few people around the world of twitter were saying how they didn't think the ceremonies were any good because people in other countries wouldn't know what they were about, but I feel as we were the hosting country, our people knew what it was about and we all enjoyed it which is the main thing! Our athletes did so well too, I really can't believe how many gold medals we got after a shaky start!

This post isn't related to beauty in any way but I just had to get my bit in before we forget about the olympics for good :(! I will certainly remember these 2 weeks for a very long time, and lets hope spice girls do a uk tour?

Lots of Love

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